Rockets beat Dover 54-21!

The Streetsboro Rockets hosted the Dover Crimson Tornados on Friday night. Unfortunately, thunderstorms weather were also in attendance for this game and most of Northeast Ohio. The game was able to start and after receiving the opening kick off, Dover’s offense was able to take the ball down the field and score a touchdown, taking a 7-0 lead.
The Rockets first drive was able to generate a pair of first downs before punting the ball back to Dover. Pressure from the defensive line helped force a three and out with Dover giving it back to the Rockets.
Taking over at the Dover 49-yard line, Richtell McCallister opened the drive with a 20-yard run up the right sideline. Maysun Klimak threw a pair of passes to Carter Giacomo. The first went for nine yards, but the second was a 25-yard strike in the end zone for a touchdown.
A missed extra point made the game 7-6. Dover took the ball and went on a long drive that took the game into the second quarter. After forcing Dover into a fourth down, Tyler Hall was able to get into the backfield and tackle a receiver who was going to attempt a throwback pass, giving the Rockets back the ball.
After a 7-yard run from Klimak, McCallister took a run up the right side that looked like a rugby play where he appeared to dribble the ball before gaining control and running through the Dover defense for a 57-yard touchdown. The Rockets failed a 2-point conversion attempt, but took the lead 12-7.
Dover started their next drive, but that’s when lightning forced the game into a delay and was ultimately postponed until Saturday with 9:51 remaining in the second quarter.
The teams came back on Saturday, restarting the game in the afternoon in a much colder affair, but without the thunderstorms.
The Rockets came out with a different level of intensity and save for one noticeable misstep, they played the best 9:51 seconds in program history.
Dover started the game mid drive with a 3rd-and-2 situation. They were able to convert it, but then were forced to punt the ball.
On the second play of the ensuing drive, Klimak found Giacomo wide open on the left side of the field and the senior tight end was able to out run the Dover defense for a 75-yard touchdown reception. After kicking the extra point, the Rockets were up 19-7.
After three more offensive plays and just two yards to show for it, Dover again opted to punt.
This time, the Rockets needed three plays to get into the end zone. All three were on the ground with McCallister running for 46 yards on the first two plays. Then on a double handoff, McCallister took the first exchange, gave it to Donovan Washington-Perdue running the other way, who went 33 yards for the touchdown.
Down 26-7, Dover tried to get back into the game through the air. On the first play of the drive, their quarterback tried to go deep down the right side, but the bail sailed over the intended receiver and was intercepted by Colin Boldin.
Opting to keep the ball on the ground again, Streetsboro ran the ball five times for 50 yards with McCallister, Washington and Klimak all getting carries. Then utilizing play-action, Klimak found Chris Golson on the left side, who went for 22 yards. Another 13-yard run from McCallister set up a Washington touchdown from the five yard line, giving the Rockets a 33-6 lead.
Dover was finally able to respond. On the second play of their next drive, they struck deep down the the right sideline for a wide open touchdown pass. momentarily stopping the bleeding and making the score 33-14.
Unfortunately for Dover, they left too much time on the clock and the Rockets capitalized. After a six-yard run from Golson and two pass attempts from Klimak to Hunter Hopperton, the second being completed for a first down, Streetsboro gave the ball to McCallister running to the right on a toss and with a full head of steam and a number of blockers out front, he was able to run 65 yards untouched for the touchdown, the team’s fifth in the quarter and fourth since the game restarted. With the extra point, the Rockets took a commanding 40-14 lead to half time.
The Rockets scored on their first two possessions of the second half and the Tornados were able to add a score late, making the final score 54-21.
In all, the Rockets generated 621 yards of total offense. Richtell McCallister rushed for 307 yards and four touchdowns on 21 carries. Maysun Klimak went 7 for 10 passing for 193 yards, including 137 yards and a pair of touchdowns to Carter Giacomo. Donovan Washington-Perdue ran the ball nine times for 68 yards, caught a pass for 22 yards and scored two touchdowns.
Michael Hall Jr. and Keisean Johnson-Wilson led the way on the line of scrimmage, dominating on both offense and defense, creating holes for the Rockets running game and wreaking havoc up front, particularly against Dover’s passing game.
With the victory, the Rockets play on another week, hosting their third playoff game of the postseason, this time against the Canfield Cardinals. Both team come in with 8-0 records on the season in a matchup between the 2nd and 3rd seeds in their regional bracket.