Limitations on Spectators at Sports Venues.

Spectators are permitted to attend Sports events with exceptions and limitations as set forth in this Order. The primary purpose of permitting Sports spectators is to allow and encourage the family and household members and loved ones of players, coaches, team staff members, officials, and other event participants (band, honor guard, etc.) to observe and share in the experience. Sports venues include all locations and facilities, whether indoor or outdoor, that host Sports events, including but not limited to stadiums, arenas, playing fields, tracks, speedways, golf courses, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and open-air course. The maximum number of individuals gathered in any outdoor Sports venue is the lesser of 1500 or 15 percent of fixed, seated capacity. For indoor facilities the maximum individuals gathered in any indoor entertainment venue shall be the lesser of 300 spectators or 15 percent of fixed seating capacity. However, physical separation must be maintained throughout the venue, and seating must be arranged and assigned to allow for six feet of space between groups of: a) no more than four spectators, or b) members of one household, i.e. parent(s) and dependent children. If attendance at a particular venue is governed by a current Order from the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, that specific order shall control over this general order.