Marlene Speck

Marlene graduated from Streetsboro High School in 1979 and is a life-long resident of Streetsboro.  While in high school Marlene was a cheerleader.  Her school spirit and bright smile were noticeable to all.   Shortly after graduation Marlene was hired as a building secretary for the school district, where she is still employed today, 37 years later. Once employed by the district, Marlene was asked to sell tickets for football games.  Her warm personality was perfect for greeting fans.  In fact, every year the athletic department received compliments from visiting fans about her friendly approach to her job.  This year marks the 36th year that Marlene has been selling tickets for football games at the main gate. You will also find her selling tickets for soccer and basketball games.  Marlene has been described by our athletic administrator as our Most Valuable Game Day Employee!