Visiting Team Information

Visiting Football Team Information – Quinn Field at Rocket Stadium

Stadium Location: 8585 S.R. 14 Streetsboro, Ohio 44241

Press Box: A single press box is located on the home side of the stadium. Each team is limited to five coaches in the box and two on the filming platform located on the top of the press box.

Sideline: Visiting teams will receive five sideline passes (typically for administrators or guests). A.D.’s may request more if needed.

Locker rooms: The visiting locker room is located on the south side of the field house. Team entrance to the field is immediately adjacent to the locker room.

Team and Band Bus Parking: All visiting school buses will park in the designated area in front of the main ticket booth. Players and coaches should be dropped off at the administration entrance located at the field house entrance.

Band Seating: The visiting band has their own bleachers located next to the visitor’s stands.

Trainer’s Office: Our trainer’s office is located in the field house.

EMS, Police and Fire: Our Fire Department has a squad and two EMS personnel at every home game. We also have four police officers assigned to each home game.

Inclement Weather: In the event of severe inclement weather – follow instructions from our PA announcer.

Announcements: All announcements will be limited to traditional game information. Any requests for special announcements must be approved by the administration. Visiting band directors will have access to the press box and P. A. system.

Programs: Programs will be available at no charge to spectators. Team rosters will be located in each program.

Passes: All tickets are $6.00 at the gate. PTC passes will be accepted from adults. Coaches that are scouting must sign-in and enter through the pass gate. Ticket booths open at 6:00 p.m.

Parking: Parking is available in the school lot. Overflow parking is designated at the practice fields located near the front entrance.

Handicap Parking: Handicap parking is located near the field house in a designated and clearly marked parking area.

Concession Stands and Restrooms: Both are located on the home and visitors side.\

AED: An AED device is located on the home sideline with our trainer.

Official’s Office: Located on the south side of the field house.